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Happy Birthday

Today would have been my mother’s 81st birthday.

Here’s a little poem I wrote yesterday to share on my Facebook page.


My mama’s birthday was Halloween.

I always thought that was the coolest thing.

That she shared her day

With mysteries unseen

In the spirit world

and on this plane.

Ghosts and goblins,

sprites and marauders

Silly little grandchildren

and silly loving daughters

It’s not been the same

Since she has been gone

But is she really?

I could be wrong.

One thing I know

remains the same

I whisper “Happy Birthday, Mom”

On Halloween Day.

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Birthday Poetry for Bob

You know, I’ve tried
But I just can’t
Imagine a world
Without Robert Plant.

Silky hair
Of golden blonde
Lion-headed singer
From across the pond.

Strutting hips
Chest unadorned
Tight-assed jeans
No underpants worn.

Older man now
He’s mellowed out
You can find him jamming
with Alison Krause.

As we wind on down the road
And leaves fall all around
The voice is undeniably
How Golden Gods sound.

So here’s to many more years
May you continue to enchant
Everyone raise your goblets high
Happy Birthday, Robert Plant.

Robert Plant in the 1970s (20)