I’m 50 years old.
I’m married–going on 27 years now.
I have 4 kids–2 human, 2 fur.
My son has a very serious girlfriend. I’m basically waiting for him to pop the question. But I already consider her my kid as well. So I guess you could say I have 3 human kids.

I love:
my family, reading, writing, my friends, fashion, art, and music.
I especially love the Beatles. Like a weird amount. They help me get through life. Paul is my favorite, but the other 3 are tied for a very close 2nd.

My favorite thing to do is go to concerts and worship rock goddesses and gods.

My second favorite thing to do is hole up in my room with my books or laptop. Rainy days/nights while I do this are a bonus.

I homeschooled our kids all the way through K-12. Well, our son went to K, but that doesn’t count. He basically worked as an assistant to his teacher that year. After that, we were on our own. Those were the best years of my life to date. Both kids are grown, 99% self-sufficient, moved out, and happy. They are my pride and joy.

Now that I’m done raising them, I want to be a published writer.

Until that happens, welcome to my Summer of Love blog.

Peace. 🙂